The Hof City

The First Green City


Completion year 2026


Project Area


Housing Units


Jobs after Completion



The Hof City Overview

The Hof City Abuja is a sustainable neighborhood for middle and upper-middle-income residents. KairosHof Consultants Limited undertakes this project with financial support from the Dutch and Local investment partners. The first-of-its-kind in Africa, the sustainable and affordable project will integrate green building technology and design, efficient and renewable energy, recycling, inclusive living, homegrown solutions, and local construction materials. As a result, residents in Hof City Abuja will enjoy the social and economic benefits of urbanization while reducing their ecological footprints and sustaining the environment.

House Types

High-rise residential building offering effortless cosmopolitan living.

The Apartments Idu 11

The Apartments

Imagine moving into your new home and finding that everything is already completed to perfection – both inside and out.

The Eyrie Front View 2

The Eyrie

The Eyrie Hof Community’s Flagship homes, this inspired home features 5 bed- rooms, 3 seating rooms and 6 restroom

The Pen Front side View

The Pen

The Pen is Designed with privacy, this 3 bedroom Semi-Detached has 2 seating rooms and 5 restrooms

The Hive Front View 3

The Hive

The Hive  Inspired by the excellent design of the bee hive, this 3-bedroom duplex features 1 seating room and 4 restrooms.

Air Purifiers


Thanks to the intelligent ventilation technology, the CityTree filters the breathing air of up to 7,000 people per hour.


A bio-active resource enables liveable urban spaces in a modern city.

Air Purifiers Idu


The filter performance and condition of the moss is recorded in real time.


A bio-algorithm creates the optimal living conditions for the moss.


The new gated

Where the collective standard of living is defined, regulated, and delivers good comfort, peace of mind, and satisfaction.

Wall Climbing

Ecosystem and it's Beautiful Nature

Children Park

Ecosystem and it's Beautiful Nature

Jogging Routes

Ecosystem and it's Beautiful Nature

Basketball Court

Ecosystem and it's Beautiful Nature

Football Pitch

Ecosystem and it's Beautiful Nature

Skating Park

Ecosystem and it's Beautiful Nature

Our Energy Solutions

Estate Features

International standard roads

24 hours green energy power supply

2 Filling stations

Internal Bus Shuttle

Adult hospice

Water treatment facility

Air Purifier

10 hectares of green park

Facility management

Gardening & Cleaning services

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