Hof Court

HOF COURT which is being developed by Kairos-Hof Consultancy limited is designed to meet these three major factors that will improve your neighbourhood experience and the quality of life for your family.

Located at the already living dwellings in KARMO Abuja, with full district infrastructure like Dual Lane Roads, Street Lights, Water Board, Under- ground Drainage System.

The Alpine

The Alpine home features 4 bedrooms, 2 seating rooms, and 5 restrooms. The Alpine is designed to conform to Green home design standards for energy efficiency, ventilation, and space management. Every home is built to meet the global green (eco-friendly) standard on energy efficiency.

This sophisticated Court suits a variety of clients, from those seeking a home in one of Abuja’s most sort after districts to those seeking prime real estate for investment.

Location – Karmo, Abuja – Nigeria

Price –  75M

The Hof

DEVELOPER: Kairos Hof Consultants
LOCATION: Karmo, Abuja – Nigeria
Car parking: 50 cars

This simple yet state-of-the-art complex would serve as the commercial center for the HOF Court. The building is designed to save energy with wide open glass walls to allow for light penetration and also serve as aesthetics to both the building and its occupants.

Grocery stores and gyms can give their customers amazing views as they showcase their products and services.

Offices can be one with nature with breathtaking views of the environment. We would match this with great facility management.

Hof Court
Estate Features

  • Central Security Control Hub with state of the art High Definition security surveillance system
  • Facial recognition 
  • Number plate recognition Pedestrian biometric access control
  • Motion sensors
  • Security alarm
  • 24-hour uninterrupted power supply (with auto changeover) 
  • Full fibre optic cabling infrastructure
  • Estate intercom service 
  • Uninterrupted internet service
  • Greenery
  • Fire Hydrant
  • FCT Water Board
  • Internal roads with covered storm drains
  • Asphalt roads with interlocked pavement sidewalks and designated residents’ and visitors’ parking
  • Recreational area
  • Gym
  • Playground
  • Commercial Hub
  • Adult & Kids’ swimming pool
  • World class utilities & facilities management services
  • Smart street lights

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